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Framework number Framework name
A217837 Specialist Solutions
A337223 Photocopiers & MultiFunctional Products & Services
CMAAC095124 Non Medical Non Clinical Resources (CMAAC095124)
CM/FMM/08/5012 NHS Building and Engineering Maintenance Services
CM/OSG/05/3565 Laundry Services - Wave 2
MoU04 Microsoft PSA
RM1006 Courier Services (RM1006)
RM1011 Strategy and Planning
RM1013 Liquid Fuels
RM1016 Data Access Processing and Analytics Services
RM1027 Fuel Card and Associated Services
RM1031 Laundry and Linen Services
RM1032 Enterprise Application Support Services
RM1034 Wider Public Sector Travel Management Services
RM1035 Telephony Services
RM1037 Spend Analysis & Recovery Services
RM1040 Residual Central Government MFD Spend
RM1042 Corporate Software Solutions
RM1043.5 Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3
RM1043.6 Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4
RM1043iii Digital Outcomes and Specialists
RM1043iv Digital Outcomes & Specialists 2
RM1045 Network Services
RM1049 Events Planning, Delivery and Related Services
RM1050 ICT Services for Education
RM1054 Technology Products
RM1056 Facilities Management Services
RM1058 Technology Services
RM1059 Local Authority Software Applications
RM1062 Vehicle Hire Services
RM1063 Postal Goods and Services
RM1069 Crown Hosting
RM1070 Vehicle Purchase
RM1072 Workforce Management
RM1075 Agreement for the Provision of Electricity Supply and Ancillary Services
RM1076 Natural Gas (Daily / Non Daily Metered) and Ancillary Services
RM1078 Printing & Specialist Paper
RM1085 Managed eMail
RM1086 Market Research
RM1089 Traffic Management Technology 2
RM1092 Language Services
RM1095 ePurchasing Card Solution
RM1498 PSN Services
RM1501 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services
RM1502 ConsultancyONE
RM1557.10 G-Cloud 10
RM1557.11 G-Cloud 11
RM1557ix G-Cloud 9
RM1557vii G-Cloud 7
RM1557viii G-Cloud 8
RM1568 Civil Service Learning (RM1568)
RM1599 Multifunctional Devices and Services, Managed Print Services and Print Audit Services
RM1675 Law Costs Draftsman Services
RM1687Lot1 Wider Public Sector Print Services - Managed Printing & eCommunications Services
RM1687Lot2 Wider Public Sector Print Services - Operational Print Services
RM1689 Document Storage and Related Services
RM1713 COI - Classified Recruitment Mrktg & Public Notice
RM3702 Merchant Acquiring, Merchant Acquiring Equipment & Payment Gateway Services
RM3703 Office Supplies for the Wider Public Sector
RM3704 Employee Services
RM3707 Front Office Counters Service (FOCS)
RM3708 Media Monitoring and Evaluation & Related Services
RM3710 Vehicle Lease and Fleet Management
RM3711 Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel
RM3717 eDisclosure Services
RM3719 Corporate Financial Services
RM3720 FM Assurance (Helpdesk and CAFM) Services
RM3723 Crown Office Supplies
RM3727 Media Audit Services
RM3731 Insurance Services II
RM3733 Technology Products 2
RM3735 Crown Travel & Venue Services
RM374 Telecom Networks
RM3741 Project Management and Full Design Team Services
RM3745 Management Consultancy Framework (MCF)
RM3747 Building Materials and Associated Services
RM3749 Public Sector Resourcing
RM3754 Vehicle Telematics
RM3756 Rail Legal Services
RM3763 Personal Protective Equipment Framework
RM3764ii Cyber Security Services 2
RM3765 Digital Training and Support
RM3767 Supply and Fit of Tyres
RM3768 National Framework for Energy Performance Contracting (RE:FIT)
RM3769 Civil Service Learning (RM3769)
RM3772 Specialist Laundry Services (for Surgical Drapes, Gowns and Packs)
RM3774 Campaign Solutions
RM3777 Records Management Service Contract
RM3781 Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content
RM3785 Managed Print and Digital Solutions
RM3786 General Legal Advice Services
RM3787 Finance & Complex Legal Services
RM3788 Wider Public Sector Legal Services
RM3790 Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services
RM3791 The Supply of Electricity and Ancillary Services
RM3792 Demand Side Response
RM3795 Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes and Eyecare Services
RM3796 Communication Services
RM3797 Journal Subscriptions
RM3798 Courier Services (RM3798)
RM3799 Specialist Courier Services
RM3800 Utility Management Software, Metering and Anciliary Services
RM3801 National Fuels
RM3802 Technology Expense Management
RM3804 Technology Services 2
RM3808 Network Services 2
RM3810 Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems
RM3812 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services
RM3814 Vehicle Conversions DPS
RM3815 Contact Centre Services
RM3816 Estates Professional Services
RM3820 Spend Analysis and Recovery Services 2
RM3821 Data and Application Solutions
RM3822 Managed Learning Service
RM3823 Apprenticeships Training and Related Services
RM3824 Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets DPS
RM3826 Supply Teachers and Temporary Staff in Educational Establishments
RM3828 Payment Solutions
RM3830 Facilities Management Marketplace
RM3837 Construction Products Consumables and Materials
RM450 Photocopiers and Multi-Functional Products and Ser
RM457 Project Management and Full Design Team Services
RM464C Learning & Development and eLearning Solutions
RM526 Mobile Solutions (II)
RM6000 Fuel Cards and Associated Services V
RM6001 Supplier Early Payment Solutions
RM6002 Permanent Recruitment Solutions
RM6003 Media Buying (RM6003)
RM6004 Behavioural Insights
RM6007 Contact Centres
RM6008 Management Consultancy Framework Two (MCF2)
RM6013 Public Sector Vehicle Hire Solutions
RM6014 Modular Building Solutions and Off-Site Construction
RM6016 Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions
RM6018 Research Marketplace DPS
RM6060 Vehicle Purchase
RM6063 Standby and Emergency Generators DPS
RM6064 Microsoft Digital Transformation Agreement MoU
RM6065 Oracle 2019 MOU
RM6068 Technology Products & Associated Services
RM6072 NHS Tower 9 Office Supplies
RM6073 Government Hubs Fit Out Framework
RM6089 FM Workplace Services
RM6094 Spark DPS
RM6095 Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS
RM6096 Vehicle Lease and Fleet Management
RM6101 eSourcing Platform
RM6102 Apprenticeships Training Dynamic Marketplace DPS
RM6103 Education Technology
RM6107 Professional Economist Integrated Degree Apprenticeship
RM6121 Public Sector Passenger Transport Services - Taxi & Coaches
RM6133 Employee Benefits
RM6137 Costs Lawyer Services
RM6158 Flexible Resource Pool - Staff Bank
RM6160 Non Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff
RM632 Building Materials and Associated Managed Services
RM653 Desktop 21
RM662 Management Consultancy and Accounting Services
RM708 Facilities Management
RM713 Software Application Solutions
RM717 IT Managed Services
RM720 Sprint ii
RM721 Commoditised IT Hardware and Software
RM738Lot1 Face-to-Face Interpreting Services
RM784 Assistive Technologies-Telecare Telehealth Telecoaching
RM807 Vehicle Hire
RM808 Travel Management Service Provider (TMSP)
RM828 GSI Convergence Framework (GCF)
RM830 Environmental&Sustainability Advice, Support & Del
RM849 Laundry & Linen Services Framework
RM858 Pan Govt Vehicle Leasing & Fleet Outsource Solutions
RM860 PSN Connectivity
RM865 Local Government Software Application Solutions
RM869 Traffic Management Technology
RM875 Modular Building Systems
RM887 Payroll Human Resources (HR) and Finance Services
RM919 Legal Services (RM919)
RM928 RM928 Estates Professional Services
RM930 HMRC Royal Mail Wholesale
RM949 Grants and Programme Services
RM956 Vehicle Conversion and Reconditioning Services
RM958 Insurance Services Framework Agreement
RM964 Demand Side Response Services
RM971 Non Medical Non Clinical (RM971)
RM987 Translation Transcription and Ancillary Services
RM988 Creative Solutions Execution and Related Services
RM990 Postal Services - Royal Mail Initiative
RM995 Computer Based Testing Services
SP.11.010 ELECTRICITY Scotland
SP.12.005 GAS Scotland