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Framework number Framework name
A217837 Specialist Solutions
CM/OSG/05/3565 Laundry Services - Wave 2
RM1031 Laundry and Linen Services
RM1042 Corporate Software Solutions
RM1043.5 Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3
RM1043iii Digital Outcomes and Specialists
RM1043iv Digital Outcomes & Specialists 2
RM1059 Local Authority Software Applications
RM1070 Vehicle Purchase
RM1557.10 G-Cloud 10
RM1557ix G-Cloud 9
RM1557vii G-Cloud 7
RM1557viii G-Cloud 8
RM3710 Vehicle Lease and Fleet Management
RM3754 Vehicle Telematics
RM3756 Rail Legal Services
RM3767 Supply and Fit of Tyres
RM3772 Specialist Laundry Services (for Surgical Drapes, Gowns and Packs)
RM3786 General Legal Advice Services
RM3787 Finance & Complex Legal Services
RM3788 Wider Public Services Legal Services
RM3797 Journal Subscriptions
RM3814 Vehicle Conversions DPS
RM3821 Data and Application Solutions
RM6014 Modular Building Solutions and Off-Site Construction
RM6060 Vehicle Purchase
RM6063 Standby and Emergency Generators DPS
RM6089 FM Workplace Services
RM6096 Vehicle Lease and Fleet Management
RM6101 eSourcing Platform
RM6121 Public Sector Passenger Transport Services - Taxi & Coaches
RM713 Software Application Solutions
RM717 IT Managed Services
RM807 Vehicle Hire
RM849 Laundry & Linen Services Framework
RM858 Pan Govt Vehicle Leasing & Fleet Outsource Solutions
RM865 Local Government Software Application Solutions
RM887 Payroll Human Resources (HR) and Finance Services
RM956 Vehicle Conversion and Reconditioning Services